Did Idris Elba catch coronavirus from Canadian PM’s wife?


Idris Elba has suggested that he may have caught coronavirus from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s wife Sophie, after the two met shortly before they both tested positive for coronavirus.

The Dark Tower actor shocked fans on Tuesday night after revealing via Twitter he was exposed to the deadly disease on March 4, the same day he posed with Sophie at a charity event in the UK, reported Daily Mail.

“It’s hard to say when I got the disease or when I contracted COVID-19, it’s hard to say when. I will say that I know I’ve been exposed to it from March 4,” Idris said in a recent video shared on social media.

“That’s when the person that came up positive, that was the time I got in contact with that person.” He continued, “So essentially, I could have been positive from March 4, but it’s hard to say when I contracted someone with corona, you can contract it at anytime but my known exposure was that day.”

The Mountain Between Us actor posed for photos with Sophie at the event, where the pair were seen in close proximity to each other as well as other celebrities and attendees.

“On Friday, last week, I was told that someone I had been in contact with had tested positive [for coronavirus],” Idris claimed in the video. “I am on location about to start filming. The news breaks that this person, who is also in the public eye, has tested positive.”

Idris also addressed the backlash he has been receiving on social media as to why he was tested for coronavirus when he claimed he had ‘no symptoms’ and ‘felt ok.’

“My job made me test immediately, I had to test anyway, as it meant I was putting a lot of people at risk if I had been exposed. We were lucky to get a test very quickly because of the shortages of the test,” the star said.

He also explained why his wife, Sabrina, has stayed by his side after fans criticised the model for putting herself at risk of exposure.

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