HUGE VICTORY: A cure for corona virus is found in Pakistan

A Pakistani doctor is the first one who discovered Corona’s treatment. Dr. Tahir Shamsi has been working on plasma therapy in recent times. Through this treatment, patients with Corona virus will be able to recover soon.

The Sindh government on Monday approved efforts to experiment with the use of passive immunisation therapies to treat coronavirus patients across the province.

The technique, supervised by hematologist Tahir Shamsi, will also be presented to other provinces for approval before a detailed strategy regarding it can be implemented in hospitals across the country.

“Under this technique, blood plasma from a healthy person is extracted and injected into the blood of a patient suffering from the coronavirus,” Shamsi said on Monday.

“After the transfer, the injected plasma generates anti-bodies in the immune system of the patient suffering from the coronavirus. These anti-bodies eventually fight off the virus,” he added.

Currently, there are no vaccines or proven therapies available for the coronavirus, which has the potential to affect millions of people.

What he proposed to government of Pakistan last week for Corona virus will now be done at the New York State of USA. Most of the world’s leading newspapers have no spirit to give the credit to Pakistani doctor. But giving all the credit to American doctor who later followed the idea of Dr. Tahir Shamsi’s.

Hats off to Pakistani Doctor.

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