Teargas and beatings: the most brutal and violent Covid-19 lockdown in India

India: Police under fire for using violence to enforce coronavirus ...
India’s coronavirus lockdown is bringing out the worst in its police force

Modi govt on march 24 imposed a three-week nationwide lockdown in India. Amidst this Pandemic virus, life has halted whose population is more a 100 million. On the one hand people are suffering from the effects, and on the other police and other securities agencies have decided to lash whoever comes out in the street.

Most of the cases were found in Punjab. And now it started to engulf other provinces. According to India Today’s, securities agencies and police are not beating up youngsters but aged too. Indian police violence killed several young men; A man one was out to buy milk during lockdown, yet another example of how police across the country are using extreme force to punish people who break the lockdown rules. Indian style of enforcing Corona lockdown, police hit the baton on head of pillion rider, killed him on the spot.

There are many other victims of Indian police brutalities who are being hospitalized. Police women are turned out to be two steps away from men and have left no stones unturned in showing violent behaviour to people all across in India. People who were running fruit and vegetables carts, were frightened away and their goods were scattered out on the roads by the goons in uniform.

This is Modi’s Lockdown. This is India’s Police State in full display. While the poorest Indians starve, the police are trashing food. India Fights Coronavirus? Seems India is fighting against its own people.

The workers, who had returned from Delhi, were covered in a bleaching agent, sodium hypochlorite, which can cause damage to the skin, eyes and lungs. That’s how they are treating their people.

Goons are attacking Muslims neighborhood, kidnapping youth, demanding extortion up to Rs. 1 Lakh or 2 Lakh, or else threatening to declare their detainee as Corona patient. Muslims in India are helpless and nobody is listening to them.

India COVID-19 lockdown left poorer starve and food aid from government feels like a joke to them. The amount of money and food provided through government initiatives are insufficient. Even some people are not given food. Rather people are being treated like an animal under Modi’s lockdown.

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