“I hate light, it increases pain” A little Kashmiri child hit by Indian Army

A 8-year old boy crying of pain hit by pellet.

A 8-year old young boy, who is the brightest light of his parents life, Unfortunately, his life becomes darker when he was hit by a pellet by Indian Army. He was stepped out before Eid and was hit directly in his eyes with a pellet. The incident has brought inexplicable agony to his parents, who are wondering what danger an 8-year-old could pose?

“He Hates the light,” said Owais’s father,  who was crouched in a side of the room at their living arrangement. What can you expect from such a small child? You can’t imagine the pain he’s going through .The light that illuminated his future, now the same light is tormenting him.

The eye with which he had yet to see the colors of the world but today it is nothing but pain and darkness. The eyes with which he must have dreamed. Now there is only fear in those eyes.

Fayaz Ahmad Mir cleans tears from his son’s eyes.

“He was crying throughout the night, he was still in pain. We cried too, seeing his condition.”

The family with its limited resources is now saving money for his treatment. “Whenever I look at him, my heart breaks into pieces,” said his mother.

“A mother can bear any pain but cannot see her own child in pain. He is the only light of our eyes.”

Hundreds of Kashmiri people blinded by pellets in India-held Kashmir. Dozens have lost lives. Indian Army terrorism continues unabated against kashmiris whilst world fights Corona. UN/EU etc must put a stop to these brutal killings.


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