KAVKAZ-2020 – A beneficial Naval drill for Pakistan

The multinational exercise is going to be ‘Kavkaz-2020’ between 15-27 September in Astrakhan. The list of participating countries is impressive, ranging from Pakistan and Belarus to Azerbaijan and China. The drills include war games and joint training, as well as the opportunity for participants to show off their latest military technology.

Pakistan has successfully pushed India back after 3 decades and getting closer to Russia. Pakistan and China participation is paining India. India has recently announced it will not be participating in the exercise. Its statement mentions the Corona virus pandemic as a reason which is a “LAME EXCUSE.”

The Indian and Russian navies held a military exercise in the Bay of Bengal on
September 4 and 5

Despite the Corona Virus, the Indian and US navies and the Japan Maritime Self Defence Force (JMSDF), all three are scheduled to participate in the Malabar manoeuvres off India’s east coast. Also, India sent a military contingent to Moscow in June for victory day when COVID-19 was at peak. Unscheduled exercise of Indian Naval Ships in Bay of Bengal is REAL indication that India is frustrated by withdrawing the drill. People who are aware of the Naval operation know that proper naval exercise are planned well in advance prior execution. The projection of PASSEX as major military maneuver is perhaps a cover up to offset negative impact of India refusing to participate in SCO military exercise. Has Bay of Bengal been waived off by corona?

The changing statements of India.

Indian Officials speaking anonymously pointed to India’s recent tensions with China as a factor behind the decision. Times of India also revealed, it was because Chinese and Pakistani troops will be there. India has accepted it’s defeat by withdrawing from the exercise. (Take to heels)

India’s fear for Pakistan and China is visible. Why can’t they accept their failures on record that it’s because of Chinese aggression in Ladakh and India’s fear for Pakistan? In a recent clash on Monday, Indian Army Soldiers was badly beaten by PLA. China is continuously capturing multiple areas of Ladakh. Everyone knows Indians feel shame to face PLA. India’s Sudden reversal provides Pakistan an opportunity to cement its friendship with President Vladimir Putin and Russia.

Indians made a big mistake by skipping KavKaz 2020 military drills in Russia. Russia is also frustrated at India’s sudden decision to pull out of the event. India is loosing it’s relation with all the countries. This is what we called Cutting off the nose to spite the face. Modi is digging a grave for India by isolating it from all these beneficial drills. India will have to pay an extremely heavy price due to Modi govt’s aggression and extreme decisions.
However, Pakistan hopes to build bridges with Central Asian countries through the Kavkaz 2020 exercises.

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