Print and electronic media in the modern era has grown enough and play an important role covering from personal life of a normal citizen to international matters of the countries. A wealthy and positive role both inside and outside of the country results pleasant changes in lives of the people of the country giving them satisfaction and secure environment, eliminate corruption, encourage patriotism,indicate problems, ensures justice, promote sympathy and harmony among the people, increases confidence in relationships between countries on international level etc. But in the prevailing situation, where a responsible and mature role was desirable to DE-escalate tension between two nuclear powers and traditional enemies, unfortunately Indian media has been playing brutal, negative and atrocious role by transforming lies, miscalculations,false news, evil wishes into reality thereby settling an example of yellow journalism in the world for the first time.

This insanity and fanaticism by Indian media lead to adventurism by vote-needy extremist Indian government, attacking for the first time through their weaker and olden aircrafts which were not succeeded to achieve any target but dropped their payloads on trees somewhere in Pakistan, distant 3 minutes from the line of control, for faster retreat due to expected chase from Pakistani aircrafts.Indian media did not stop here but started more intensively to produce wrong news regarding this attack by propagating that a madrassa of so called JeM has been ruined and 300 occupants have been killed. At the other end opposite to these bullshits, Pakistani media played responsible and positive role without giving any miscalculations and provided true picture to the world regarding dropped payload of Indian aircrafts at forest. For more realistic and unbiased reporting, International Media was also invited to witness scene of the bombing, who visited on a day when Indian media was searching dip for hideout to shun consequences of their ill reporting regarding attack on Balakot.

On 27 February 2019, another misadventure from 02 Indian Aircrafts transpired to correspond with their media giants’ fantasy claims but this time they were not allowed by Pakistani airforce to enjoy retreat safely. Due to fanatical craze of Indian media this act of Indian Airforce resulted loss of two Indian aircrfts followed by capturing of Indian pilot Abhinandan by Pakistan. Till night of that day barmy anchors and journalists of Indian media were still spreading fire and unreal stories of Indian forces’ valor thus keeping their public sightless of real situation. However, very late, they were able to assess actual situation very indolently and unsolicitedly but they were unable to change the situation right from their airconditioned and comfortable offices from where they were wishing alot from Indian forces. Therefore, they realized that there is difference between fighting from the bedrooms and fighting in the battlefield.

Nosing down the IAF shocked the Indian Administration but Indian Media, instead accepting the reality, started rubbish claims of hitting Pakistani F-16 by the captured pilot even the aircraft he was flying can never able to hit down aircraft like F-16, infact non of such aircraft was used by Pakistan till todate from start of the conflict. Therefore, silly and foolish evidences were tried to display for support of their claims which were denied and rejected by Pakistan, US and other world media after investigation.

Ignoring bullshits of Indian media and administration, Pakistan, for being an intellectual and responsible nuclear power, instead thumb-pressing throat of laid down enemy, played a conscientious role to DE-escalate tension between two nuclear powers and announced return of Indian pilot on unconditional basis. Accordingly wing commander Abhinandan was returned safely to his country through Wahga border.

This improbable decision of PM Pakistan was largely appreciated worldwide including Indian public and opposition parties but unfortunately Indian government and majority of Indian media did not change the trend of escalation and false propaganda against Pakistan, hence tried to weaker endeavor of PM Pakistan towards DE-escalation and peace between both countries.

Another adventure, this time from Indian Navy was surfaced when an Indian submarine was detected by Pakistan Navy on 4 March 2019 entring in Pakistani waters. It was the time to damage and punish India and Indian Navy for its malicious intentions because the submarine was not there for peace mission but to destroy Pakistani resources. These so called modern submarine could not hide itself from powerful watching capabilities of Pakistan Navy. It was not the first in nature but an earlier attempt of Indian submarine was also captured by Pakistan Navy on 18 November 2016, however, that time situation between both countries was not aggravated to such level as prevailing. Although Indian Navy has 10 KILOs, rather TONs of scrape. These lame ugly black ducklings can not even waddle let alone swim out. Better to sell this wasted steel of scrap but instead they are sending it time and again against Pakistan which may cast loss of one or more if did not stop aggression.

This situation is closely monitoring by the prominent countries including USA, UK, China and Russia. All over the world character of Indian Media and its yellow journalism has been condemned for its negative role in escalation between two nuclear powers and traditional enemies. Despite earning too much insolence from international community for its country, Indian Media has not stopped its imprudent activities but increasing intensity and propagating rubbish material regarding Pakistan and its defence forces even though the international community has accepted defeat and embarrassment to Indian defence forces from Pakistani Defence forces.

Recently Hindustan times wrote that Pakistan Navy has cancel its international events due to fearing from Indian Navy whereas situation was opposite to these bullshits because Indian Navy ships were infact fearing of Pakistan Navy because of escalated tension as they berthed in an Arabic country after attending exercise in the Arabian Gulf until some relax in escalation.

Superiority of vessels and equipment as mentioned foolishly by “” is meaningless in this war. Remember that what has been mentioned on this website regarding Indian ships, submarines and carrier is not anything else but a tons of scrap which may be a visible and clear easy targets for point scoring. As far as so called modern Indian submarines are concerned they have been detected several times but have been pardoned and were not targeted for the sack of de-escalations.

After all, it is not difficult to understand and find out who is actually working behind Indian Media for provoking Pakistan-India relations and engaging them in last and final war. However, this time it will not be fought a traditional way but will bring destruction everywhere. Pakistan is already fighting terrorism since many years and has enough experience to handle all sort of situations. The country has performed a pivotal and matured role against terrorism and resolving international issues like Afghan war etc. It has developed and strengthen its line of defence having capabilities to strike back and hit hard against any misadventureism. Recent response to Indian mis-adventure is an example of alert and capacities of Pakistani defence. Any mis-measurement and estimation regarding its powers and strike back capabilities will result in severe and unexpected results. It is better to let it working on its internal issues and trade rather than indulging and dragging it in war which will not be in favour of anyone.

Mc Jhonson
Analyst-south east asia