Indian Media – Where Donkey Works

The Indian media is the most cunning and false media in the world. The Indian media has always fooled its people. Peddling fake news and running propaganda machinery. India could not wash away the truth about its own gross and systematic human rights violations in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Indian media that even established media outlets across the border had been peddling fake news on daily basis.

In the wake of current smear campaign of spreading false and baseless information targeting Pakistan. Just few days before FATF decision Indian Joker Media started a propaganda about Civil War in Karachi to impact FATF’s decision. However, A deadly blast in Karachi caused by a gas leak.
Indians are either extremely stupid or naive who don’t know that FATF make decisions based on actual ground work done by Pakistan not by Indian propaganda.

Today, Indian News website published a news regarding Saudi Arabia removes Kashmir from Pakistan. Infact they have removed kashmir from India Map. Kashmir is not shown as part of India. Its shown as an independent nation. Indian media is celeberating for what fools?

The list of India fake news against Pakistan are so long
We’ve seen fake news in regards to Balakot, Pulwama, pigeons, tomatoes but pretending that civil war has broken out is just really weird.
These stupid BJP paid Indian media goons think that they can fool the world by spreading lies against Pakistan. The way India has used its media has lost credibility & weakened its power. Fake news has been spreading at a mass level. But in India, not just the social media but national news channels were also propagating the agenda at high level.

Leading players in the Indian media, loyal to the governing BJP-RSS combine, are also openly peddling fake news, hate and bigotry targeting religious minorities, especially India’s marginalized and dispossessed Muslims. Indian media and the government would be better to focus on the “protests & violence” currently under way in India. Since MODI RSS BJP has taken over India is exposed at every front badly. Failed in every sector be it Internal or Internationally. Indian Army is beaten by China , Pakistan and Bangladesh. The Indian useless propaganda can never harm Pakistan as we are united. We trust our armed forces and they are quite ready to encounter the enemy.