Indian Spies Unsuccessful Infiltration Attempt to Pakistan Through Fishermen Boats

After complete failure in the field of Intelligence referring capture of big spy “Kalboshan Yadev” and failure in war operation referring destruction of indian aircrfts and hospitality of Abhi Nandan by Pakistan, Navy’s failure of modern Submarine in hiding itself from Pakistan Navy’s searching technologies / capabilities and lethargic naval professionalism sinking submarine alongside, once again Indian intelligence agency RAW has started rapid efforts to infiltrate Spies in Pakistan. They tried their best to accomplish this mission through comparably relaxed and sympathizing gateway to Pakistan, recently been opened for Sikhs community but didn’t succeed because after all relaxation to innocent Sikhs community, Pakistani Intelligence Agency ISI is, however, keeping a hawk eye on this gateway to restrict #India to use it for its malicious intents. Several attempts on the borders from different spots have also been made unsuccessful so far. An example of the recent happening, Indian Intelligence Agency RAW has been exposed yesterday at Arabian sea when PMSA found some suspicious people aboard fishing #Indian boats inside the Pakistani territory. Total 18 men were captured from 03 fishing boats, where 7 out of 18 were found regular employees of Indian defence forces and pretty much related to intelligence agencies. They tried to drop their phones and documents in the sea after assessing the situation but too late because alerted officials were keeping eyes on each of their moments. Therefore, their documents, phones and all other gadgetaries were confiscated and forwarded timely to relevant departments by PMSA officials. On the promise of anonymity recon news has been entrusted to share contact list of that Indian spies and location histories of their cell phones showing their visits to multiple Indian intelligence agencies and safe houses. Contact numbers of indian defence and intelligence official in the contact list of these 7 spies reveals that they are part of the Indian Intelligence agencies.

More breakings / details are awaited and will be published as soon as received from reliable sources.