Modi’s Drama during elections

Wondering what’s cooking?  Well, there’s nothing new about Modi’s destructive schemes to raise his vote banks. The lust for coming in power has made him ignite the civil war and bloodshed in India. Manipulating the nation, fake promises, anti-minority policies are the handy approaches that he has been practicing for a long time. 

As election days approaches, BJP starts taking credit for all the military operations, like anti Pakistan agenda. The narcissist Modi is using soldiers for self-interest. Just like Pulwama, his hands are red from the blood of soldiers. 

Without guilt, their activities start taking control of the military. To gain public sympathy, BJP started fooling around about how they are working for the nation’s safety. Self-harming attacks and butchery of their own soldiers have been their old strategy to seek the public’s attention.

Modi begging donations in the name of the Army:

BJP started a social media campaign to crowd fund for its expensive election campaign. The party was seeking Indian citizens for donations in the name of the Army; using pictures of Prime Minister Narendra Modi dressed in Olive green

BJP politicizes dead soldiers:

Modi and his leadership support extremism and violence. Mercilessly killed number of soldiers and then came out begging for votes on the name of dead soldiers who were killed by Modi’s brutal PULWAMA attack.

Jammu drone attack drama unveiled:

The recent drone attack in Jammu revealed the repeated deception of PM Modi, similar to Pulwama Attack. 

However, their propaganda against neighboring countries have been exposed and turned as a slap on their own faces as investigated CCTV image, the two drone strikes turned out that it came to deliver newspapers.

Indian military must think of a new strategy for fooling people around as their cheap tactics have already been exposed internationally.

Indian media is a puppet of Modi who keeps babbling and alleging their neighbors. The attacks they alleged on its neighbor country was a self-planned conspiracy and planted by himself to gain sympathy from his nation.

Although he failed to create a drama this time, but soon he will be coming with a strategy to kill his own soldiers for votes.

Clash between Indian Air Chief and Indian Air force:

As Modi cashes military operations, on the other hand, the Indian Army and Air Force are ranting at each other for funds. They are claiming superiority and fighting on national media. The greed of money has made both corrupt institutions stand against each other. It has been their norms to degrade each other for military rewards and money. Their intentions are clear to accumulate power and fill their bank accounts.

Indian military lacks professionalism. Previously, Many Indian soldiers were killed in a brutal Ladakh border clash with Chinese Army. IAF’s Jets were fallen down by their rival country. Even Indian Navy faced embarrassment internationally when US ships were uninformedly navigated in Indian Sea. Their disloyalty with their profession many times surfaced as national failure. They also have had huge clashes with the government in the past years.

In April 2019, 156 Veterans of the Indian Armed Forces including 8 former Chiefs of Staff wrote to the President of India that the government is misusing us and it is completely unacceptable that PM Modi and other political leaders are taking credits for military operations like cross-border strikes and even they claim the armed forces to be ‘Modi ji ki sena.

The dual face Modi attends family weddings of his rival country’s PM, and on the other hand sends his jets and troops to get killed across border. His conspiracies accomplishes when he gets sympathy votes from the nation while being the culprit of all evil operations.

photo Courtesy: ALJAZEERA

Narendra Modi is now active again with all his evil schemes for mass genocide. If minorities really want to end this brutality, then they must take stand. Otherwise, be ready for blood shed of coming generation.

Hence, there is still a hope for change if their leader is changed, and Indians cast their votes wisely. The future in your hand!

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