Kashmir Under Modi Virus

Now a days the whole world is facing Corona Virus but Kashmir is still facing Modi Virus. Modi Virus is more cruel than Corona. The innocent Kashmiris are still facing Curfew since 5 Aug 19 because of Modi.

Grave threat under media blackout Kashmir, which has been under a brutal lock down since August, is ill-equipped to deal with the Pandemic. Kashmir is facing crippling blockade of high-speed internet which effectively hampered an effective awareness campaign among the people as well as among the doctors.

The indian govt doesn’t care about the world is watching how Kashmir is treated at this time. A Surgeon in Kashmir had to waste hours trying to download treatment guidelines from the internet. Human security and health of the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir must not be kept hostage to the so-called “Security of the state”

It is absolutely necessary that internet is properly stored in the valley before the problem become too big for anyone to handle. Doctors have also requested more doctors to volunteer and provide online consultations to patients so that people suffering from general ailments limit visiting hospitals. Amnesty international India also urged the govt to restore full access to internet services in Jammu and Kashmir and ensure that people have full access to health and safety related information. But Indian govt doesn’t care about the people of Kashmir and they are not lifting internet blockade.

It takes whole life to build a house for a middle class or a lower class family. Some people inherit a old house and live there for ages. Indian Brutal forces burn Kashmiris houses in just one hour in the name of search operation.

The world is fighting the virus. Lock Down is going on all over the world. People are keeping themselves safe in their homes and Kashmir is not safe even at home. Using such time of crisis to do something so disgraceful is typical of Indian government, who has no heart, no shame.

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