Pakistan Navy’s ration distribution drive continues

In the wake of country’s fight against coronavirus pandemic, Pakistan Navy is extending its support to affected families in the lockdown. Pakistan Navy assisting the civil administration during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, distributed ration , PPEs at Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Bahawalpur and other parts of the country.

Pakistan Navy has donated food and commodities while reaching out to needy families in Coastal and Creeks areas of Sindh and Balochistan containing sufficient amount of food commodities for a family of 8-10 persons for a month. They went door to door to distribute the essential items.

“We are thankful to Pakistan Navy that they helped us. They have gone from door to door distributing rations. They also said that they have more ration and if required, they would help us.” said a resident.

“All the shops are shut due to which purchasing ration is difficult. But today, Pak Navy came and provided us all the necessary food items. We are very thankful.” said another resident.

“We were out of food, we had been starving for 2 days. Pak Navy personnel’s came to our door and provide us ration bags and also guide us about safety precautions against Corona Virus.” said a local.  

Moreover, Pakistan Navy personnels are also conducting awareness campaigns on preventive measures against COVID-19 and distributed Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs).

Pakistan Navy Women Association (PNWA) has also remained at forefront in distributing ration among low income civilian staff families in Karachi and rural outskirt villages of Islamabad including Bhara Kahu and other areas.

Earlier on march 31, Naval chief Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi announced to donate his month’s salary to relief fund in the fight against COVID-19. While all other officers are also donating their salaries.

Pakistan Navy amidst challenges of coronavirus pandemic is determined to extend humanitarian support for national cause. Pakistan Navy is helping people across the country in this hour of need.

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